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Nanjing Sports Training Center

The Nanjing Sports Training Center is located at No. 99 Chengnanhe Road in Pukou District of Nanjing. It is the venue for track and road races of speed skating in the 2017 FIRS World Championships (Roller Games), and is also close to the Marathon racing track of speed skating. Covering a total construction area of about 87,054 m2, the center contains a complex building, a training building, and training fields for various outdoor games. It is also the venue for bicycle motocross, hockey, beach volleyball, and rugby in the 2014 Second Summer Youth Olympic Games, as well as the venue for track races in the 2016 FIRS World Roller Speed Skating Championships.

The venue for track races is equipped with a standard 200-m circular track (which is 8 m in width), a lighting system ensuring the illuminance in the range of 800 Lux to 1,000 Lux, and a spectator area with 2,000 seats.

The venue for road races will be reconstructed to provide a standard track that is 500 m long each lap and 8 m wide in total.

The venue for Marathon is located in Binjiang Avenue near the center, providing a racing track that is 10.58 km long each lap and more than 8 m wide in total; a few seats will be established for guests at the ending point during the race.

The center is adjacent to the Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park, where inline hockey and inline freestyle are held. It is 13 km away from the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center and 16.2 km away from the Hilton Nanjing Riverside Hotel. Near the center, there are Metro Line 10 and bus stations of multiple bus routes.