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Inline Freestyle

    Inline Freestyle: 6 events in total. The competition will be held in the Youth Olympic Sports Park. Welcome to the venue to watch the competition! 

    Roller derby has its origins in France and was called Flatland Fancy. Now IFSA has defined it as Freestyle Roller Skating. Freestyle Roller Skating includes freestyle slalom, speed slalom, free jump, synchronized freestyle slalom and free jam. Freestyle Roller Skating is a very ornamental project. Freestyle slalom requires players to complete all movements accompanied by music. Speed slalom requires players to skirt obstacles at top speed. The two disciplines are called Flatland Fancy. Free jump is a more difficult discipline, requiring players to run quickly. When the player reaches a certain speed, he or she should stop with different poses. The stopping ways are different, including T brake, double brake, Sawyer, En-suislide and so on. 

    In the world map of Freestyle Roller Skating, the Chinese team is a well-deserved overlord. In 2016 Freestyle Roller Skating Championships held in Bangkok, Thailand, Chinese teams won 6 gold medals among 15 gold medals in total; In 2015 Freestyle Roller Skating Championships held in Turin, Italy, Chinese teams won 8 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 3 bronze medals. And the result dominates the medal rankings.