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WRG 2017 to be held in Nanjing in September The Mascot Ningning debuts

On the morning of June 15, FIRS World Championships - Roller Games 2017 (World Championships for short) Organizing Committee held a press conference, WRG 2017 will be held in Nanjing from August 27 to September 10 with a total of 10 major items and 118 small items. 

Diverse Events, emblem and mascot debut in press conference

FIRS World Championships - Roller Games 2017 include Artistic, Alpine, Downhill, Inline Freestyle, Inline Hockey, Rink Hockey, Roller Derby, Roller Freestyle, Skateboarding, Speed Skating and other projects. At that time, there will be more than 4,000 athletes and officials from over 70 countries and regions gathering in Nanjing. 

The conference showcased the emblem and mascot of the World Championships. According to Wang Peng, head of the sponsor group of the market development department, the emblem design takes Nanjing city flower and the logo of FIRS as the main creative graphic. The simple and concise design fits the characteristics of the tournament hosted in Nanjing, taking dynamic fashion, harmonious health as the design theme. Q version of Mascot Ningning is upgraded and adjusted on the basis of last year's individual tournament. Ningning is short for Nanjing, and shaped from Nanjing Yuhua stone. Ningning takes orange as the based color, wearing a full set of roller skating professional equipments, and it is like sunshine giving light, hopes to people. It fits perfectly to roller skating, the young and energetic sports pursuing speed and skills. Nanjing Yuhua stone is a symbol of global roller skating children become indomitable after tempering. It is just like Nanjing Yuhua stone glows with beautiful style after thousands of years of tempering.


Mascot Ningning

In addition, the skating world championships set up three individual mascots. At the conference, the Inline Hockey player held the mascot belonging to the project. The player dressed in Artistic costumes the mascot belonging to the project. And the other Park player held the mascot belonging to the project. The design of the set of mascots embodies the image of Nanjing, as the world's first skating capital and the Asian sports center city and world sports city.


Athletes are showing the mascot.

The preparation is in order and the official website is online 

This world championship is another major international tournament  held in Nanjing after the 2014 Youth Olympic. General Administration of Sports of China, Jiangsu Provincial Administration of Sports, Nanjing municipal Party committee and Nanjing Municipal Government attach great importance to the tournament , they set up an Organizing Committee with Miao Ruilin who is the vice secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor as a chairman. In terms of organizing this event, the Organizing Committee communicated actively with FIRS, competition schedule, tournament size, equipment needs, display awards program has been basically determined, the next step they will follow up the registration and pre-test work. In terms of venue preparation, it takes Youth Olympic Sports Park, Nanjing 2014 SportsLab, Olympic Sports Center, Longjiang Gymnasium, Wutaishan Gymnasium and other "Youth Olympic venues" as the main part. At present, the organizing committee has completed the recruitment of 550 volunteers, these volunteers focus on sports competitions, language services and comprehensive protection. 

At the conference, the Organizing Committee was publicly solicited the sponsor enterprise and franchise enterprise of WRG 2017. It is understood that the sponsorships of NWRG is divided into "4 +1" sponsorship level as the total title sponsor, single title sponsor, senior partner sponsor and a Roller Village investment level - brand showers. Candidate enterprises can visit the official website to download the "enterprise collection book". 

In addition, the official website of the contest was released on the day of the conference, the official website is http://2017.njrollersports.org. The website will be updated in both Chinese and English versions including news bulletins, events profiles, wonderful moments, event services, live events, medals table and other columns. Chen Weihong, Deputy Secretary-General of the organizing committee, director of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Sports, said at the press conference: "the first WRG and the Thirteenth National Games will be held in the same period, we will present a safe, smooth, passionate, joyful, and wonderful "Skating Championships" to the world, it will realize a dream for the roller skaters that all the highest level events can be held in one city and achieve a large scale of historical reunion; it will also create world-renowned opportunities and reputation for Nanjing, as the capital of skating in the world.