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Reveal the main title sponsor of WRG2017: Heng Yuanxiang associated with roller skating 28 years ago

Hengyuanxiang WRG2017 will be held in Nanjing on August 27. According to the organizing committee, the sponsors are divided into "4 +1" levels, including the main title sponsor (more than RMB 5 million), single discipline sponsor (more than RMB 1 million), high-ranking cooperative partner(more than RMB 0.5 million), senior sponsor (more than RMB 0.2 million) and a roller skating Village level sponsor called brand shower (more than RMB 30 thousand).

As the main title sponsor and global partner of the championship, Hengyuanxiang are tightly bound to roller skating. 28 years ago, Hengyuanxiang sponsored the first sport project, and its roller skating, which is probably beyond our expectation. Reporters learned that as an old brand founded in Shanghai in 1927, Hengyuanxiang always knows how to operate by advertising and sports. Hengyuanxiang were tightly bound to sports from roller skating and sponsored Huangpu district roller skating team in 1989 for the first time and set up Hengyuanxiang Shanghai roller skating team. This also reflects that roller skating has actually been carried out for a long time in China and has a deep mass basis.

August 3 is the day of the 30-days countdown to Hengyuanxiang WRG 2017.On that day, unveiling ceremony of the combination mark of Heng Yuanxiang WRG2017 was held. After that, leaders of the organizing committee awarded medals for Heng Yuan Xiang Group and other partners. By sponsoring WRG 2017, sponsors like Hengyuanxiang will welcome a successful marketing.

Reporters also learned that the organizing committee of WRG 2017 also introduced a lot of licensed merchandises, which will play a positive role in promoting roller skating, WRG 2017 and Nanjing. At present, enterprises winning management rights of WRG 2017 licensed merchandises have been identified. They are Nanjing Famous City Culture Development Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Yongyin Sports Industry Development Co., Ltd. The two companies are the production and sales enterprises of licensed merchandises in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Asian Games, 2014 Youth Olympic Games.