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The national roller game, a warm-up for WRG 2017 kicks off in Nanjing.

As the capital of roller sports, Nanjing will hold Roller Games World Championships Heng Yuan Xiang on August 27. And this Saturday (Aug 12), master roller skaters nationwide will gather together to compete for the mass roller tournament final of the 13th National Games. The event held in Nanjing is a warm-up for the coming Roller Games World Championships Heng Yuan Xiang.

Yesterday our reporter went to Nanjing Longjiang Sports School to interview those roller skating talents from Jiangsu Province who were preparing for the National Games.

The 13th National Games added five mass tournament events for the first time. They are ping-pong, badminton, dragon-boat racing, rock climbing and roller skating. Roller skating is divided into two parts, roller-skating and skateboarding. The athletes are all amateurs selected from different provinces and municipalities. The roller skating final of the 13th National Games will begin on August 12 and 13 in Nanjing. There will be 111 athletes from 25 representative teams competing in the finals. Eleven athletes from Jiangsu team enter the finals, ranking the first.

Huang Wei, the deputy director of Chinese Roller Skating Association, told our reporter that the finalists of Jiangsu team were assembling for training. Five skateboarders were receiving professional training in Nanjing Longjiang Sports School. ¡°Although they are not professional athletes, the school still provides them with attentive training services of specialist sports¡±, said Huang. Apart from professional coaches, dieticians, psychological counselors and strength training teachers also stands by for the athletes.

Three female skateboard athletes of Jiangsu team have become the finalists and they have great chance to win the first gold on female skateboarding (bowl). Speaking of their skateboarding experiences, one of them said she was attracted by the fantastic move on the video. One was encouraged by her friends. But they are all very young and didn¡¯t spend much time on practicing, among which the longest is 3 years, the shortest is only one year. Jia Boni and Deng Jianhui are both 19 years old, and Guo Yu is 22 years old. They are all college students. They passed the selective trials of participating in the National Games in Jiangsu Province in May and later the preliminaries in June. They finally made their way to the finals of the National Games. The three athletes all cherish the chance and they keep practicing from mornings to sunsets. Eight-hour-long training is very strict and high-intensive to these amateurs. However, they didn¡¯t feel suffered. In fact, they gained a sense of achievement when they made progress every day. 

¡°The most difficult thing is to insist on it. It is boring when you started, and many people gave up on this stage.¡± said Guo Yu. There are about 300 members in the school skateboard group, but only ten people stick out. The actions look very cool but the practicing process is dull and boring. Yet Guo enjoys this kind of boredom and she became the country¡¯s first female athlete that can do ¡°flying feet¡± action. Guo is confident in the upcoming finals and hopes she is able to attend the roller skating competition at 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. ¡°I hope I can be the one who promote this sport and make contribution for the Chinese female skateboarding.¡±  (Zhu Yan)