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Reveal: Over 1000 student actors to perform in the opening ceremony of WRG 2017

Qualifying games and group games of Roller Games World Championships Heng Yuan Xiang will begin on August 27th. The opening ceremony will be held in Nanjing Olympic Sports Center on September 2nd. Till now, all the preparation of the performing team has entered the countdown period.

Nanjing Performing Arts Group is the execution unit of the opening ceremony. In fact, they are so skilled to hold the opening ceremony of sports games. They made wonderful opening performances of 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and 2016 Roller Skating World Championships.


The opening ceremony of 2016 World Roller Skating Championships was also undertaken by Nanjing Performing Arts Group.

It's about one month before the opening ceremony, how is the preparation going on? Guan Hui, the general manager assistant of Nanjing Performing Arts Group, tells us, "There are almost 2000 performers in the opening ceremony, most of who are the students. We also have performers from 6 professional groups subordinated by our group. We also invite well-known actors and actresses to perform in the opening ceremony. At present, the early rehearsal of students has already finished and the rehearsal of the professional performers will begin in August. The performing team will have the last rehearsal in the Olympic Sports Center on August 30th."

There are about 1,000 student performers from 28 primary and middle schools in the performing team. "Roller skating is an energetic sport, a symbol of youth and hope. It's an organizing committee's demand on us to let more students participate in the opening ceremony performances. These children can make use of the summer vocation to join the rehearsal and performance, which is also a trial for them", said Guan Hui

What's the most eye-catching highlight of the opening ceremony? Guan Hui said, "It should be the originality of the whole ceremony. We combine the passion of sports with the beauty of arts which will be a delight to spectators" 


Youth skaters play the main role in the opening ceremony.

It's learned that the opening ceremony is divided into two parts the ceremony and the performance. The contents of the ceremony include entry ceremony, flag-raising ceremony, the opening speech, oaths swore by representatives of athletes and refereesand the announcement of the opening.

The performance in the opening ceremony consists of the prologue The Dream of Star, the body The Passion; The Song of Flying; The Flower of Friendship, and epilogue The Happy Gathering of Five Continents. The style of the six parts blend with the elements of Nanjing, China, and the whole world, combined with thrilling roller skating skills. It is led by the stories, magnificent scene of dancing and singing and gorgeous national play, added with various art performances such as ensembles of piano and Guqin, combining traditional drum, the integrating Chinese martial arts and lion dances, ballet performances and the euphonious poetry recital.

Nany domestic stars are invited, such as the famous pianist Wu Muye, Guqin (seven-string instrument) Master Li Xiangting, the famous singer in China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater Liu Tong, Shanghai Ballet and Tagou martial arts school in Henan province. First-rate performance teams and foreign singers match the spectacular stage art and interactions with the audiences. All that will highlight the happy gathering of five continents and show the great blueprint for One Belt and Road Initiative to express the best wishes for world peace and friendships and creating a better future together.