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NWRGOC launches anti-doping campaign

Roller Games World Championships Heng Yuan Xiang will open in Nanjing on 2nd September. During 29th August and 2nd September, the committee will launch Anti-Doping Teach Program in Zhenbao Holiday Hotel and Han Yue Lou A Sols Managed Hotel. They also invite lecturers from Chinese Anti-Doping Agency.


The lecturers will explain relevant knowledge to participants and supporting staff. They emphasize on the strict prohibition on intentional use of doping, strict precautions against misuse of doping, cooperation in the examination surveys, timely application for TUE, accurately reporting their whereabouts, mutual supervising and active reporting.

Anti-doping campaign is a great challenge of large-scale sport events. Although roller skating has low risk in using stimulates, it is of great importance for athletes to form the consciousness of doping resistance and mutual supervision. Before the competition comes, the committee helps everyone learn about anti-doping knowledge, raising the anti-doping awareness so as to avoid any doping scandals.