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Roller skating team members in ripe ages street skate to welcome WRG 2017


Yangtze Evening Post on August 30 (Journalist: Qiu Huidong)  

The 3-day countdown event of Roller Games World Championships 2017,also the first International Roller Carnival Activity in Nanjing was held on the morning of Aug 39 in Nanjing Olympic Museum Square. The event is to convey the spirit of the Youth Games and show the charm of roller skating. Nearly 1,000 roller skating fans from Nanjing and some players representing Roller Games World Championships attended the campaign.


Aracu, the chairman of FIRS, short for F¨¦d¨¦ration Internationale de Roller Sports, Hu Wanjin, the Deputy Mayor of Nanjing and other leaders were invited to the event. Nearly 1,000 participants signed in the Square at 7 am and got their roller protections, as well as signed their names on the 2017 Nanjing Roller Championships signature wall and took photos as a keepsake. The correspondents noticed that the event not only attracted lots of young people, but also middle-aged and aged people, who became the loyal fans of the cool activity. The roller team of middle-aged and aged people made their appearances, having a blast with cute children and cool teenagers. Donglei, the World Champion of Roller Skating,also the Chinese team member, made this proposal hoping that an increasing number of people would follow the World Championship and cheer for Chinese team.


The event includes two major parts, one is that thousands of people skate over the Yangtze River, another part is Roller Skating Carnival activities. Nearly 1,000 roller skating fans and athletes representing 2017 WRG start their journey from Olympic Museum Square, across Nanjing Eye, along Riverside Promenade. After reaching Nanjing 2014 Sports Lab, they need return to the starting point. The whole journey totals 6 kilograms, during which each participant can get a merit badge after a kilometer. It conveys the spirit of the Youth Olympic Sports and shows the charm of roller skating in this way. Meanwhile, there are many roller skating interactive experiencing activities like roller caravan, roller hockey, freestyle and funny games in the Olympic Museum Square where people can get a badge from each site.