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The First Gold Medal of WRG 2017 German won the Championship of Junior Men Compulsory Figures

Longhoo Net (Journalist Zhang Di), August 31

The Junior Men Figures competition of Roller Games World Championships Heng Yuan Xiang (WRG for short) began this afternoon in Wutaishan Gymnasium. German player Aaron Wunder won the first gold medal in WRG 2017. Brayan Carreno from Colombia took home the silver and Alessio Gangi from Italy got the bronze medal.

WRG was held in Nanjing from 27th August to 10th September, attracting 2,844 athletes from 60 countries and regions to participate in the great international sports event. Fifteen contestants from nine countries participated in the Junior Men Compulsory Figures.

Compulsory Figures is one of the main competition disciplines in Artistic. Athletes skate on specified figures by groups. Referees give marks based on athlete¡¯s skating routes, skills and postures. It is known that Compulsory Figures is the basis of Inline Freestyle. It puts emphasize on basic skills including spinning on the tiptoe, body position and skating speed. Deng Lei, the coach of Chinese Artistic Skating told the reporter, ¡°Each run of Compulsory Figures contains three big figures and one small figure. The first and third figures skate by three steps while the second and the fourth figures skate by two steps. It is required on uniform speed, same speed and same angle at every figure. Players should complete all the actions within the allotted time, and referees give scores immediately after they finish.¡±


Players in the competition


The referee was grading the competition

In addition, China sends two athletes Zhai Yubo and Zhou Wei, who are both 14 years old, to enter the game. They showed their nice performance based on their solid routine training.