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Barcelona Observation Mission: Nanjing WRG is a good reference

Barcelona Observation Mission, the next host city for WRG, visited venues and watched the competitions in Wutaishan Gymnasium on the evening of 6th September. David, the Director of Barcelona Sports Bureau, said that it was worth taking this successful WRG in Nanjing as reference for hosting next roller games world championships in Barcelona.

David said "It's very brave for Nanjing to hold the first roller games world championship and we hope we can learn something from this game and use them in Barcelona." He praised Nanjing for holding the first WRG and considered this as a valuable experience for Barcelona. Marc,the head of next WRG, said it was not easy to make full preparation to hold the first WRG which was worth learning for Barcelona.


(Group photo of Barcelona Observation Mission )

David told the journalist that there were some traditional events like roller hockey with a long history in Europe and some new modern events like skate boarding and roller freestyle in roller games world championships. It could be seen everywhere that various roller sports were played in Barcelona and roller skating, skate boarding had been the symbol of city image. He thought the most significant part of this game was to combine the tradition with new roller sports which could be promoted among the youth.

In terms of the next roller games world championships, David said that Barcelona would make full preparations for it. In order to promote the roller games, Barcelona government would build some free roller skating sites and facilities in the public areas for citizens. In addition, Barcelona would hold various roller competitions and some relative competitions like Artistic competitions and set the Roller Day. Thus they wished to let citizens participate in these activities actively.

Longhoo Net (Journalist Ma Qianli)