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Germany won the championship of Team Slalom German players said they finally could take a good visit in Nanjing after the game


Yesterday, WRG 2017 Team Slalom Final was held in Jubaoshan Sports Park. Four German athletes won the team championship with outstanding scores. The German winner Manuela Rushmore excitedly told the reporter that they would take a good visit in Nanjing after the game.

Inline Alpine World Championship is divided into seven disciplines including Senior Men and Senior Women Slalom, Senior Men and Senior Women Giant Slalom, Senior Men and Senior Women Combined Race and Team Slalom Race. “Team Slalom Race is a great challenge for a team”, said FIRS Technical Officer Peter, “each one of the four team members needs to finish the competition. If one player has a foul, the team will not get results.”


Manuela Rushmore said in the interview after the game, “Among four members, they are students or young employed people. So we have to train during the spare time.” And she added that she could finally have a good visit in Nanjing with a perfect ending of championship. “Nanjing is a historical and distinctive city. We are very lucky to have the competition here. And we hope to know better about this city by travelling.”