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China¡¯s first Medal of WRG! The champion is yet sixteen!

On September 7 afternoon, the 15-year-old Yu Junyan who is from Zhejiang won the champion and the first medal for China in 4.872 seconds, 0.018sec ahead of the runner-up in Junior Men Speed Slalom Final held in Youth Olympic Sports Park.


Results of Yu Junyan


Yu was very excited after winning the first prize. He was proud to won the medal for China in such a world-class competition.

This is the second time that Yu Junyan participated in world-class events. Last time, he only ranked the fifth. By improving his fitness and fully preparing before the game, he played very well.

Yu said the final competition gathered the superiors, so there wouldn¡¯t be a big technological gap. The major factor was psychosocial quality. He remained a good attitude, which helped him won the game. he added that he happened to know roller skating when he was 10 and soon got great interest. At first, he was just playing it for fun. Later on, he found himself talented in roller skating so his parents sent him to the coach to receive professional training.


Excitement of victory


He will turn 16 this month. He said he will return to school for this year¡¯s competitions are almost over.

Journalist of Zijinshan, Jiang Qinyuan